Key Discussions


  • Emergence of finest and successful approaches in Intellectual Property Portfolio Prosecution; Patent Prosecution & Portfolio Management: Inconsistency, Complexity & Budgets
  • Post Issuance Proceedings & Benchmarking the PTAB; Shaking up the PTAB - Post SAS,
  • Alice Corp v CLS Bank U.S. Litigation Trends 2020
  • Patent Infringement and Second Medical Use Claims: A Problem That Is Not a Problem?
  • Patent Enforcement Strength in 52 Countries Worldwide:Implications for Your Patent Filing Litigation Strategies
  • Pharma and Biotech life sciences & IP strategies; Recent Developments in Patents; Patent basics related to biotech/chemo/pharma innovations; Patenting of human embryonic stem cells; EPO current practice on patenting life science inventions


  • Chief IP Officers & How to handle a resilient Board? CEO expectation from a CIPO?
  • Why the future of IP is more than just IP
  • The next generation of IP analysis


  • The 5G Technology & the massive Licensing Opportunities
  • Understanding the 5G patent landscape
  • Blockchain & IP -Due Diligence of IP in the era of Block Chain & Artificial Intelligence & The Impact of Blockchain in the World of IP
  • Industry 4.0: Innovation, Strategies, Challenges & Protection
  • Industry 4.0: IP valuation
  • Tech Era & Future of IP; Cybersecurity, Big Data and IoT; Licensing Opportunities & Significant Challenges
  • AI at the intersection between ethics, human rights and innovation
  • Copyright & Design: Strategies in the digital Era
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Privileges in Digital Economy- Data confidentiality, GDPR and new challenges. After GDPR: The Next Step for Compliance and Data Protection Management


  • Implementation of Trademark Copyright in today’s world; Concerns linked to Patent, Copyright & Trademark registration and Infringements; Execution of Intellectual Property rights in Asian Market
  • Trade Secret vs. Patent: Dilemma & Solutions; Trademark in the EU: Insights and New Trends; Core Principles in Successful Trade Secrets Strategy; The relevance of trade secrets for AI protection
  • Navigating M&A, Transactions, & Licensing in a New Landscape
  • Due diligence and IP audits – opposite sides of the same coin
  • What is being overlooked beyond Prosecution, Litigation and Monetization in Patents; Worldwide Patent administration and litigation policies; Defensive Litigation Strategy in a Changing Landscape; Litigation Trends: The Impact on your IP Strategy
  • The Keys to Success in the Fight against Counterfeiting

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