Uday Singh
Uday SinghManaging Director,
Motion Picture Distributors Association [MPDA, India]

Uday Singh is the Managing Director of the Motion Picture Distributors Association (India) Pvt. Ltd (MPDA). After previously heading both Sony Pictures India and PVR Pictures, Uday will now represent the collective interests of the major six Hollywood studios in India, as well as work closely with the Indian film community.

Uday has 32 years of Sales, Marketing and General Management experience in scaling up operations and building business from start up for MNCs in India and attaining a leadership position in the market and business with significant turnaround and change management. He has key experience in Media entertainment, consumer electronics, domestic appliances and multimedia industries.

Uday is creative and a result-driven executive with expertise in setting up new markets developing and delivering strong results. Moreover, he imbibes in him strong underpinning in strategic planning, thought leadership backed with execution. He has key expertise in aligning corporate programs with local market strategies, business units and geographical requirements; extensive competency in delivering strategic and operational initiatives including leading the company into new ventures. He has the ability to work across diverse business units and to unify them under a common goal.

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