Munish Sudan
Munish SudanHead, Intellectual Property,
Tata Steel Limited

Munish Sudan heads the Intellectual Property function at Tata Steel and manages patent, copyright, and design portfolios. He is also responsible for managing IP ownership, licensing, confidentiality, funding, and other contractual aspects of Research and Technology collaborations. Munish is also Member of Innovation Council and works with researchers to assess and convert potential ideas to new products and new technologies. He has led Tata Steel to win a number of coveted and prestigious awards, including Thomson Reuters Innovation Award 2015, as well as CII National Intellectual Property Award and Tata Innovista Award in 2015 and 2016.

During his professional career spanning over a decade, Munish has counseled on issues surrounding mergers and acquisitions, valuation of technologies, JV structuring, licensing, and assessment of technological breakthroughs. His specialization areas include Technology Scouting, Technology Intelligence, Open Innovation, Patent Drafting, IP Licensing, and developing Strategic Alliances. Munish is licensed to practice as a patent agent before the Indian Patent Office and is also a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP).

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