Dr. S. K. Murthy
Dr. S. K. MurthyPatent Counsel,
Intel India

Dr. S K Murthy (SK) has exposure to Indian and US patent laws. His primary areas of focus are: patent preparation and prosecution; competitive patent analysis, training engineers/professionals on various aspects of patent law; providing opinion on patentability; and such other patent-related issues. He is involved in developing strategies for inculcating, developing, and sustaining innovation and IP culture and patent management. He is presently employed with Intel Technology India Private Limited as their Patent Counsel for India. He is an Indian advocate and a patent agent with strong engineering and legal backgrounds. He has about 11 years of experience in practicing patent law and has a total of 20 years of experience.

Dr. Murthy has led the hi-tech industry to prepare submissions on the draft Patent Manual, draft National Competition Policy, draft Guidelines on Computer Related Inventions (CRIs), and the recent National IPR Policy. He is a co-founder of In-House IP Professionals (I-HIPP) Forum, which is providing a platform for in-house IP professionals of more than 30 Indian and multi-national companies to share ideas and best-known methods. Also, I-HIPP has graduated to be a think tank for IP policy advocacy in India.

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